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R.I.P / Seth Koury (Fellow Holbrook Oldboy )  Read >>
R.I.P / Seth Koury (Fellow Holbrook Oldboy )
I remember when we all played coach pitch baseball together as kids. Your mom was our coach (Mrs. Candalaria then). Those were some great summer days, all of us playing baseball for the first time. Ten years later we played on the highschool team together. One game I was pitching, tired, arm hurt, bases loaded, game on the line. The batter crushed what was supposed to be a curve ball but ended up a line drive into the left center gap. You made one of the most amazing catches I'd ever seen. Diving full sprint, parallel to the ground, three feet in the air, you came down with the ball, saved the inning, and ended up being the saving factor of the game. Ten years later I get news that you're gone forever. It's surreal. I regret that the first news I heard about you since highschool had to be bad news. I'll never forget you. Rest in peace and condolences to your family. Ten years from now all the oldboys will still remember the good times. Close
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