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                                     Billys song!!! Coming Undone by KoRn

Keep holdin' on when
My brain's tickin' like a bomb
Guess the black thoughts have
Come again to get me
Sweet bitter words
Unlike nothing I have heard
Sing along mocking bird
You don't affect me

That's right
Deliverance of my heart
Please strike
Be deliberate

I'm coming undone
I'm coming undone
Too late
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong so delicate
I'm starting to suffocate
And soon I anticipate
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong so delicate

Choke, choke again
I thought, my demons were my friends
Getting me in the end
They're out to get me
Since I was young
I've tasted sorrow on my tongue
And the sweet sugar gun
Does not protect me

That's right
Trigger between my eyes
Please strike
Make it quick now

I'm coming undone
I'm coming undone
Too late
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong so delicate
I'm starting to suffocate
And soon I anticipate
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong so delicate

Trying to hold it together
Head is lighter than a feather
Looks like I'm not getting better
Not getting better

I'm coming undone
I'm coming undone
Too late
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong so delicate
I'm starting to suffocate
And soon I anticipate
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong so delicate.


    My son Billy was born in Phoenix Arizona at County Hospital on November 27, 1978. We had a rough start and both of us had to stay in the hospital for almost 2 weeks.

    From the start though he was a very easy baby. Steve, his older brother adored him and I would catch Steve trying to pick him up. Boy he would scare the crap out of me.  10 months later my sister Jackie gave birth to twin boys, Brandon and Brian. Hence started the "Killer B's" as we called them. Those three could do the impossible when they were all together. I had another son named Ricky,(a cute chubby little baby) and now we had 5 boys.7 months later my sister(Jackie) had another cute little baby boy. Baby Marlin only lived for 24 hrs There was nothing the doctors could do to save him. We were all hurt-terribly-but my sissy the most. Our first dealing with death. Little did we know it would NOT be our last.

What a hand full!  My sister and I  wondered if we would ever make it. No dads were in the picture so it was just us and our boys..

But my forth child was finally a girl--Marci!
Then I moved to Holbrook (where I still live) and had 2 more boys- Cody and Angel. In 1987 I met and later married my wonderful husband Moe. He brought 2 more boys to the group, Jesse and Patrick. Now we had 8 kids. Of course through the kids years and later teen years we never had just 8 kids.7 boys and 1 girl. WOW! Each one had to always bring a friend, weather it was just going to the store or on the hundreds of camping trips we took.Of all my kids Billy has the biggest heart of all. He did the usual kid things like sneaking out of the house after we went to bed. He thought Mama wouldn't notice but I did and go driving around town till I found him or he beat me home. He never really thought about how scared that can make a parent. Through the years Brandon and Brian lived with us often. And as then as was till a few weeks ago when Billy died they were still a threesome. Cousins and best friends!!

Billy's first love was always baseball or softball. From his first time at bat in t-ball till the time he was killed he wore the number 6. He had found a good team in Phx on the men's softball league- team name-BEER 30.He was a diehard ATLANTA BRAVES FAN and never missed watching them when they came to Phoenix to play the Diamondbacks. He and his cousins and/or friends would sit on the Diamondbacks side and scream for the Braves!

        I dont think that there was ever anybody that met him that didnt like him.Even his new team. He was a damed good ball player. He helped take his team to win a championship!! Its what he always wanted. To be appreciated for his skills as a ball player.
He was also the best Uncle any kid could have. He just marveled in how his niece Lexie at 4&5 could climb right up onto his head without any help. Miah and little Bob(his sisters kids) were his life. I could go on an on but the truth is he was(is) just a wonderful boy and then man. And Im am proud to call him MY son!

I love you Billy Marshall--always have and always will!! Till we meet again my love---You have my heart and soul.
I hope I can make it without you!!!

I want to tell you a little story(one of many) about Billy. When Billy was about 10 years old he and his brother Jesse were riding our 3 wheeler in a field by our house. On the other side of this field was our local dog pound. Billy saw some people put "something" in the animal drop box. He went over to see what animal they put in there. It was 2 mama cats and 10 kittens. He came home and asked if he could get the cats out. I told him okay but he was in charge of the cats.. He got a box and went back over to the dog pound. The mama cats were wild so as soon as he opened the cage they were gone. So he brought the kittens home and luckily they were weaned. Im afraid his dad is going to have a fit that he brought all these kittens home but Billy had a plan. The next day was a Saturday and Billy and Jesse wanted a ride "up the hill". Its where our park and swap was. He had 2 chairs and that big box full of kittens. They proceeded to sell all these kittens and they did! All to good homes!!

With the money they made from the kittens they bought me some earrings.

This is just one small thing that showed what a BIG heart my Billy had..

Saving these kittens that were going to be put to sleep. And buying his Mama a present with what he made..

I LOVE my Billy!


What a Grieving Mother Really Thinks

Written by Kelly Cummings

Hello old friend,
Oh yes you know
I lost my child a while ago.
No, no please
Don’t look away
And change the subject
It’s ok.
You see at first I couldn’t feel,
It took so long, but now it’s real.
I hurt so much inside you see
I need to talk,
Come sit with me?
You see, I was numb for so very long,
And people said, “My, She is so strong.”
They did not know I couldn’t feel,
My broken heart made all unreal.
But then one day, as I awoke
I clutched my chest, began to choke,
Such a scream, such a wail,
Broke from me..
My child! My child!
The horror of reality.
But everyone has moved on, you see,
everyone except for me.
Now, when I need friends most of all,
Between us there now stands a wall.
My pain is more than they can bear,
When I mention my child,
I see their blank stare.
“But I thought you were over it,”
Their eyes seem to say,
No, no, I can’t listen to this, not today.
So I smile and pretend, and say, “Oh, I’m ok”.
But inside I am crying, as I turn away.
And so my old friend, I shall paint on a smile,
As I have from the start,
You never knowing all the while,
All I’ve just said to you in my heart.

This is a picture of Billy's nieces
and nephews on 4/14/07..
Billy lived for these kids and
loved being their uncle.
Pictured is Derrick, Miah, Lexie,
Isaac, Robert and Amanda
under the Adopt A Highway sign
that we got in memory
of Billy. They are all doing the
Rock and Roll sign with their
fingers for UNCLE BILLY!
The 4 grand kids that are
missing are the twins
Ricky and Anthony and
Alex and baby Jen.


Brandon Lee, Billys cousin, Brandon Obren, Billys good friend,

Cody, Billys brother,, Scott Klein, Billys good friend,

Steve, Billys older brother,

Mike Bowers, Billys good friend,

Phil Wills, Billys good friend,


Lauren, Billys sister-in-law

Angel, Billys youngest brother

I don't know why I'm writing this to you
but I do guess its for the whole world
to see what a wonderful man I raised.
It NEVER even crossed my mind that
anything like this would happen.
The pain is unbearable..
Every morning I wake up to another
nightmare day and I always will.
I guess its always been my lot in life
to have things done to me and taken from
me because its all my life has been--
one thing after another.
You, Steve, Ricky, Marci, Cody and Angel
ALWAYS kept me going, made my life worth living.
With one gone nothing is the same
and I will mourn you till I meet you again.

Billy, you were bright, funny and so full of life
and the only one to ever get
your mama to calm down. 
Do you remember the 3 times you saved my life.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and
I swear, as God is my witness I would do anything
to trade places with you.
You were my one and only Billy and no mother
could ever be prouder that I am of you.

Heres MY baby Billy


Mama and son Ricky



      Billy, Brandon, Brian

 "The Killer Bees"



Cody and Janeane
# 11 grandchild due in September of 08

and ITS A BOY!

October 13 2007
Mr. and Mrs. Cody Candelaria


Marci Lynne'
Billy's only sister

This is the car my son passed away in.
I believe the other boy in the car was driving! His name is

ANTHONY JOHNSON  from Florence Arizona!

If I ever see him I will kill him!
My son is proof that you can NEVER trust anyone with your life!
took something so very precious 
to me and the hundreds of other 
people he touched with his being alive..
Mama Loves you always Billy
I'll see you soon..
Love Mama

My decal on the back of my truck for Billy

Mamas tattoo for my baby!!

Braves sticker I had

made for my truck in

rememberance of my Billy!

My son LOVED the Atlanta Braves!
All his life!!

One of Billys bestfriend
 Brandon putting on our
 decals of him. Like it or
not this was my Bill

Billy, I love you son so 
much. I dont know why 
this happened to you! You didnt drive like a 
maniac and the car
 wasnt running right, you
 told me so yourself.
 Even when you went to
 Codys and I talked to
 you, you said the car
 wasnt running right.
Then how did you end up
 going with this kid you
 didnt even know. Out on
 a back road and rolled?

Baby, I  picture it in my
 head and its so horrible--
and I wasnt even there..
The nightmares..

nobody elses....Why are 
you there and not still here with Mama?


I love you more than life son, you will always be with me
because your a PART of me and always will be..

Your MY Billy!


I'm Van- proud mother of Billy

This is going to be my new tattoo for Billy
I Love him and he loved the Atlanta Braves


Here is another website for Billy--My Mom(his grandma) made for him.   Christmas Tree               

Billys beloved first cousin Dana's website
YES we lost two in of our young loved
ones in 3 years. Both to tragic car accidents!

My Billy with his cousin Dana.
She was killed by a drunk driver 5 years ago.
I love you both so very much.. But mine and Danas saying was "love ya lots"!
They are in Heaven together now..

I love you Dana
take care of my Billy
he loved you so.

Billy loved to play softball and he was very good.
But more than anything he was an Atlanta Braves fan. We would argue(jokingly) that he was born and raised in Arizona he HAD to be a DiamondBacks fan...But he NEVER would sway. He never missed a game in Phx..Diamondbacks vs. Braves. And he would sit on the Diamondbacks side--SCREAMING for the Braves-lol-he ALMOST got into a few fights that way but he had his bros along and they werent bothered.
Im going to go to the first game when Atlanta is here against the Braves and take Billy's place. I'll bet they dont mess with Mama either Billy!!

ON July 28th 2007 my mom, my sister Jackie, a friend Lynn and my nephew Brandon and his sister Alysha(both Jackies) went to watch the Braves play the Diamondbacks.

All of us had poster size pictures of Billy in his Braves hat and jersey and we got the attension of starting pitcher

Buddy Carlyle. What a wonderful and tender hearted young man!

He took one of our posters to the Braves dugout and had ALL the ATLANTA BRAVES starting line up sign it!!

He had tears in his eyes when we explained what had happened to Billy.

Wow--Billys favorites were the first on the list--Chipper Jones and Andruw Jones!

My kids had told me not to get my hopes up about getting autographs but I told them NOBODYS going to stop this MAMA on a mission. I was right! But it is all due to BUDDY!!!

Thank You


And Buddy!

I love you my baby!!
Stay with me--I need you!!



A Mother's Grief

You ask me how I'm feeling,
but do you really want to know?
The moment I try telling you
You say you have to go

How can I tell you,
what it's been like for me
I am haunted, I am broken
By things that you don't see

You ask me how I'm holding up,
but do you really care?
The second I try to speak my heart,
You start squirming in your chair.

Because I am so lonely,
you see, no one comes around,
I'll take the words I want to say
And quietly choke them down.

Everyone avoids me now,
Because they don't know what to say
They tell me I'll be there for you,
then turn and walk away.

Call me if you need me,
that's what everybody said,
But how can I call you and scream
into the phone,
My God, my child is dead?

No one will let me
say the words I need to say
Why does a mothers grief
scare everyone away?

I am tired of pretending
as my heart pounds in my chest,
I say things to make you comfortable,
but my soul finds no rest.

How can I tell you things
that are too sad to be told,
of the helplessness of holding a child
who in your arms grows cold?

Maybe you can tell me,
How should one behave,
who's had to follow their childs casket,
watched it perched above a grave?

You cannot imagine
what it was like for me that day
to place a final kiss upon that box,
and have to turn and walk away.

If you really love me,
and I believe you do,
if you really want to help me,
here is what I need from you.

Sit down beside me,
reach out and take my hand,
Say "My friend, I've come to listen,
I want to understand."

Just hold my hand and listen
that's all you need to do,
And if by chance I shed a tear,
it's alright if you do to.

I swear that I'll remember
till the day I'm very old,
the friend who sat and held my hand
and let me bare my soul.

Kelly Cummings


Thanks to all the Ladies of
4 US

For all the beautiful gifts
    that made my Billy's site
as beautiful as

This is dedicated to my loving friend Diana.
Her daughter Jennifer was killed in a rollover accident just 7 days after graduating from high school. She was 17.
was a bright shining star here on Earth
So I can only imagine how she's lighting up Heaven.
We ALL miss you baby girl but
not nearly as much as your Mama. 
You were not merely her daughter but 
but also her "bestfriend".
I love you Diana!
There is no way I can ever thank you for what you have done for me..because 2 little words like"Thank you" just doesnt seem enough.
But I do Thank You!!
"Jens" site is

Love forever

Thank you Tammy for always(and I mean always) being there for me.

Mama will always love you my Billy! 

i will keep you alive for your neices and nephews--I promise!!


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Nothin like smiling and crying at the same time right? Love Ya'll
Happy birthday Billy   / Carol Angel Michael Carico's Mom
Happy birthday Billy. Hun i didnt realize Billy's birthday is the same day as Michael's anniversary. Has been 9 years. I pray your day has been gentle. Love and prayers. I have a candle buring. Love and prayers to you.
Beautiful Site   / Kelsey (Friend of Billys Mama )
Van This site is amazing. Your son seems like he was an amazing person and very loved! You should be very proud! I am so sorry for your loss. You are a strong woman and I enjoyed talking to you yesterday. Just remember he is always with you. With L...  Continue >>
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His legacy
My Billy  

Billy M. Lantz

Services for Billy M. Lantz, 27, of Glendale, who died on Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006, will be held at 2 o’clock this afternoon (Oct. 27) at the Hunt Park Softball Field in Holbrook.

He was born in Pheonix and raised in Holbrook. He graduated from Holbrook High School in 1997.

Billy loved all sports, especially softball. He was No. 6 on the Beer 30 team, playing at Pinnacle Peak.

He was the most giving, caring, loving person in the world. He always put his family and friends before all others. He was close to and loved all his family, especially his nephews and nieces.

Billy is missed and loved by all. He has touched so many lives and hearts, and his memory will live forever with all of us.

Survivors include his mom and dad, Van and Moe Serna; six brothers, Steve Lantz, Jesse Serna, Ricky Davis, Pat Serna, Cody Candelaria and Angel Candelaria; one sister, Marci Perry; three sisters-in-law, April Lantz, Melissa Serna and Tamika Serna; seven nephews, Jeremiah Perry, Robert Perry, Alexander Candelaria, Derek Serna, Isaac Serna, Ricky Davis, and Anthony Davis; and four nieces, Amanda Lantz, Jennifer Serna, Lexi Serna and Elizabeth Perry.

He was preceded in death by his beloved cousin, Dana Zoe Nobles. 

Two serious accidents 10 hours apart at the same intersection resulted in one death and numerous injuries.
At 3:51 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 21, Coolidge police responded to a report of a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Coolidge Avenue and Attaway Road. According to police, a 1998 GMC half-ton pickup truck driven by Raul Alatorre, 18, of Chandler was northbound on Attaway Road. Alatorre reportedly ran the stop sign at the intersection with Coolidge Avenue, and the pickup collided with a 2001 Dodge four-door sedan driven by Bertha Llamas, 52, of Coolidge. Llamas was driving on Coolidge Avenue, although the report did not indicate which direction she was traveling.

The pickup truck rolled, ending up on its roof in an irrigation canal. A Southwest Ambulance crew responded and transported the injured victims of the crash to Casa Grande Regional Medical Center. The report did not specify which individuals were injured or the extent of injuries. The accident is still under investigation.

Ten hours later at 1:56 a.m. on Oct. 22, police responded to a report of another rollover accident at the same intersection. A 2002 Ford Focus containing William Lantz, 27, of Glendale and Anthony Johnson, 20, of Florence was headed southbound on Attaway Road and approaching Coolidge Avenue. According to police reports, the vehicle ran the stop sign at a high rate of speed, then careened out of control, resulting in multiple rollovers.

Both Lantz and Johnson were ejected from the vehicle. Lantz died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident. Johnson was treated by a Southwest Ambulance crew, then airlifted to Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center. Lt. Greg Shepherd of the Coolidge Police Department said investigators are still trying to determine who was driving the vehicle.

The accident remains under investigation.

The biggest heart a man could have!  
If anybody learned anything from Billy is that his heart was as big as this Earth and beyond!!! I love you son!!!
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